DulyArt is a dance school established in Shoham in 1999 by Duly Zornitzer in cooperation with the Municipal Corporation for Culture, Youth & Sports (“Hamesh”) Ltd. The school teaches all styles of dance with a special focus on developments in the world of dance, a structured approach to dance education and dance culture, and community interaction.

The school employs a staff of teachers, choreographers and other workers who are united in their great love for dancers, enterprise, creativity, and above all…>Continue reading, the art of dance. The teachers are graduates of recognized academic institutions, with degrees in the field of dance. They are carefully chosen and stay with their students for many years. In this way we assure our students an ongoing program of study with minimal shifts in the professional approach and personal style of the teaching staff, and consistency in teaching methods.


At classes and rehearsals, the teachers follow professional lesson plans that require maturity and perseverance on the part of the students. Developing such qualities carries over into other spheres of life, helping the students learn proper study habits and excel at sports.

The curriculum is structured but growing. Every year, new skills are added in keeping with the age of the students and their technical capabilities. The curriculum is geared to ages 3-18...>Continue reading

As part of our educational approach, the school offers tracks for outstanding dancers, alumni and non-professional dancers.


The school sees the community of Shoham and environs as a meaningful and active partner, and we work to cultivate this partnership. Open classes are held so that parents can see what their children are learning, how the teachers operate, what the lesson entails and what kind of progress the dancers are making. We regard the parents as very important partners and a key to the commitment and success of our dancers.

The school has its own performing dance troupes, specializing in jazz and Israeli dance...>Continue reading These troupes represent the school, Shoham and the State of Israel at local events, dance festivals in Israel and abroad, dance conventions, competitions, courses and national projects. The school’s dancers and teachers work in the community during the year, performing at local gatherings and volunteering for various projects. Great efforts are made to cultivate ties between the school and the Shoham community.

Hundreds of students convene at five venues in Shoham, all with regulation floors and technical equipment of the highest standards: Beit HaTarbut studio, Beit HaTarbut Gallery studio, Koter Pais studio and two studios at the Mishkan Performing Arts Center.